Easy to manage

Whether during maintenance or when the network is already up and running, ReformCloud allows changes to be made within seconds via the console. No one will notice.

Easy to setup

The setup is completed in a few minutes. There is no need to bother with configuration files.

Easy to use

ReformCloud is very easy to use and has great scalability and flexibility even for beginners.


Available on any operating system: Linux, Windows, MacOS: Java based, support for Java 8+ is provided.

Growing community

ReformCloud has a growing and active community of developers and server administrators. Problems? Chat with us on Discord!

An expanded API

ReformCloud should be integrated into the plugins? With the ReformCloud API this is no problem at all. It allows all kinds of operations - no matter if from proxy, server or node.

What people are saying on SpigotMC...


"I’m a beginner, and just discovered Cloud Management. I found ReformCloud much simpler than CloudNet. (At least because I still not understand half of its functionality) [...]. BIG THANKS to all people, who have worked on it!"


"The cloud is very easy to use and has a very light database system. The node system also runs very well and has had no failures so far."


"Realy nice cloud and perfekt dir every kind of project :)"